Wood floors are a huge selling point for many homes and potential homeowners. That being said however, over time wood floors can become scuffed, dirty, gouged, and even dull as the varnish and polish wears off with daily wear. Keeping this in mind, it is often necessary for those homeowners that have wood floors to consider floor renewal.
There are plenty of benefits to having floor renewal and the first is a better looking floor. Floor renewal is the quickest way to get floors looking new again without having to pull them up and replace them. With floor renewal, homeowners can expect clean, shining floors that look like new for a fraction of the price. Another benefit is that floor renewal is far less expensive than complete floor replacement. Having wood floor replaced in a 1300 square foot home can cost up to $10,000 for quality products. For a resurfacing or renewal, the bill is far less at about $1,000 for the same size home.

Still another benefit is the increase of the life of your floor. Floor renewal not only increases the visual appeal of your floor but also helps to increase the life of your floor. With each renewal, a new layer of varnish or protective coating is added to help make even the oldest floors look new and beautiful. With renewal, homeowners can get ten or fifteen more years out of wood flooring keeping the need for replacement low and nearly nonexistent barring major damage or wear.Wood-Floors