wood-floor-renewal-longmont-coWood Floor Renewal…DUSTLESS!

Quick Drying! NO MESS!

Protection that Lasts!

Many people agree that there is nothing more beautiful than wood flooring.  However, even with normal use, the beauty and luster of your floor will eventually be diminished by scuffs, scratches, gouges and a worn appearance. Previously, your only option would have been to suffer the inconvenience of leaving your home for days. Many people dislike the mess, odor and high cost of the sanding and refinishing process.  Our unique product helps seal, protect and beautify the surface of your wood or laminate without odor or mess, at a moderate cost.  Floor renewed in hours, ready to use that day!



Wood & Laminate Renewal:

  • Helps protect original finish
  • Helps seal joints in laminate
  • Helps hide scuffs and minor scratches
  • Gives floor a beautiful new look
  • Can be spot treated in heavy use areas later
  • Durable 2 coats of finish lasts approximately 18-24 months
  • Does your laminate show footprints from bare feet? A fresh coat of finish will help minimize them

Process: We use a thorough cleaner and revitalizer to prep floor (completely dustless), followed by a floor buffer for a deep clean, scratch/scuff minimized or removed. Finally, we apply two durable coats of finish.  We may add a third coat if more durability is desired. In only 3-4 hours after completion your floor is ready for full use!

We offer an optional third coat of finish to extend durability and a deeper shine. We highly recommend this option if you have bare spots or heavy use on your flooring.




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