Longmont Granite RenewalGranite is a beautiful, hard and durable, stain resistant surface – while not highly porous it can still be stained by household acids found in some foods. Granite can also be stained by stringent household cleaners.

Natural stone adds a timeless beauty to your property. Yet waiting too long to restore your kitchen granite countertops can harm your stone – and affect your investment. When properly maintained, your natural stone surfaces can last through decades of use. But please don’t wait! Ongoing wear and tear, acidic cleaning products, and lack of appropriate sealant contribute to the degeneration of marble, granite, and other natural stone surfaces. It’s time to restore the luster – and the value – of your granite and marble with our expert services.

Our time-tested restoration process – diamond abrasive technology – gives the stone better clarity and reflectivity. When properly restored, your​countertop, will retain its natural beauty.​

Impregnate to protect and seal
many stones must be sealed to protect them from spills, oils, and water. A cost-effective sealant, an impregnator protects your natural stone surface from penetrating stains and dirt. We use the most technically advanced impregnating sealers on the market today, and we encourage you to use this product to care for your stone.


Granite/Natural Stone Surface FAQ:

How should I clean my kitchen countertop and vanity surface?

Clean your countertops daily with a soft cloth or paper towel and a residue-free cleaner designated safe for natural stone. To remove streaks, buff the countertop with a clean white cloth or paper towel. Also, you can apply a good stone polish to the surface of your countertops for additional luster on special occasions


How do I treat stains on kitchen and bathroom counters?

If possible, immediately blot spills with a clean paper towel. If the liquid has soaked into the stone and stained it, you may need professional help to treat that specific stain on your granite. Not all over-the- counter stain removers will work on granite.​


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