Pristine Carpet Care in Longmont provides a low moisture process using our specially designed ​oscillating machine that produces results so amazing we offer our guarantee:

​Amazing Service & Pristine results or you don’t pay!! Carpets have proven to stay cleaner longer and we can even offer our fabulous option of Guaranteed DRY when we walk out the door!


We use the same​ extensive 8 step cleaning process in every package!

If all you want is cheap, 3 rooms for $??, bait and switch carpet cleaning…we respectfully ask you look elsewhere for a carpet cleaner. Sorry…we just don’t do business that way! We are highly trained, take the time to do high quality work, and GUARANTEE you will be thrilled. Not Satisfied? Don’t Pay!

We don’t play games with pricing either. Call us with your sizes and we can quickly give you an estimate over the phone. No, we are NOT cheap, but we offer a high value at a fair price. If you understand the difference, you’re the client we are looking for! A beautiful, clean, healthier home is only a phone call away.


1. Pre-agitate to loosen deep dry soil
2. Vacuum using Hepa filter system for fine soil
3. Pre-spray with natural cleaners, degreaser, and deodorizer
4. Agitation in heavy traffic areas
5. Hand treat remaining problem spots
6. Apply natural cleaner as needed.
7. Low moisture extraction of soil with oscillation
8. Groom and set carpet pile. The customer does final vacuum when dry.

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