Ready for new carpet in your Longmont home, office, or are you preparing your home for sale?

After consulting with us you will feel confident you have made the wisest choice for YOUR situation, we will help you get the most for you money. We offer carpeting and installation on your schedule. Need it ASAP so you can get your house on the market? We can get it done! More concerned about long term quality? Let us recommend the best carpet at a fair price, and consider YOUR needs so you don’t make a huge mistake. We help you with more than color and cost like most places. Call now for a free consultation.

Our customer, John, who is having 190 yards of carpeting installed in his home.

6 Questions to Ask BEFORE Buying Carpet

  1. What fiber do you recommend and why?  We only recommend one fiber based on 35 years of observing the fibers in action.
  1. Are the most expensive carpets always the best to buy if you can afford it?  We believe the answer is no!  Ask me why.
  1. Does padding choice affect performance of the carpet?  Yes, but once again, we do not always recommend only the most expensive.
  1. Has the salesman regularly cleaned carpet and/or seen thousands of used carpets and how they perform?  All new carpets look great, even lousy carpets at least for a year or two.  Keep this in mind when you tell your salesman you need a very cleanable and durable carpet, what do they recommend? Or…have they just memorized the tags on the back and what the manufacturer says about their carpet?
  1. There is one thing a carpet installer must do in every room.  Has your salesman taught you this and assured you it will be done for you?  I teach this to all of my clients.
  1. Have you sat down with a salesman and reviewed a checklist of the important factors in choosing a carpet before looking at the samples and recommending a specific carpet for you?  We have a full questionnaire we go through with you FIRST.

The purchase of new carpeting is perhaps one of the biggest investments you will make for your home.  If you make the wrong choice in carpet, pad or the installer, it will be a mistake you will live with for 10-15 years!  They are not correctable later.  The perspective we can offer you is invaluable; with over 35 years of observing carpets.  We do not just help you with matching colors and try to sell you the latest and greatest that the manufacturers are promoting.  We haven’t just memorized the labels to pretend we know what we are talking about.  You will be talking directly to Dave and consulting with him.  Dave personally recommends a carpet for YOUR circumstances.

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