It’s important to think of carpet protectors after your carpet is cleaned as well. This will help in reducing those pesky permanent stains and will allow you to get out those spills that may happen. It’s extremely important to get those Boulder carpets cleaned and looking new!

Carpet protectors also increase the life of the carpet and will make your carpet look better for a longer time frame. You want to make sure your cleaner is putting on a high quality protector. Let’s face it your paying extra for this so it should be the best out there! You also want to know that your cleaner is applying the protector right. There is a technique so they do need to know what they are doing.


So, thinking of protectors when you have your carpets cleaned to ensure it has a longer life span and makes your life easier when a spill does occur. It’s amazing on the carpets that do have the protector because the stain will actually just stay on the surface and not soak in. This makes it much easier to blot and soak out that stain. So, get those carpets cleaned by Pristine Carpet Care and let us put on a protector as well to help reduce your stress levels.