DogAndCatSometimes our furry four legged ones have accidents in the house. It can be quite the mess but if it is handled correctly you can prevent having a horrific stain from occurring and if the odor and the stain is impossible to get out give us a call at Pristine Carpet Care in Boulder, Colorado.

Pets also shed and leave dander on the floors. This dander can effect the indoor air quality and attack carpet fibers. To help ensure carpets last longer keep carpets vacuumed on a regular basis and have carpets cleaned every so often. If you have lots of foot traffic and lots of pets then you ideally want your carpets cleaned every few months. You’d be amazed how much hair and dirt we can get out of carpets that have not been cleaned in a long while.

Call the professional carpet cleaners in Boulder and get the job done right. We can help homeowners make their carpets look more alive, last longer, and ensure that the overall appearance is more vibrant.