Carpet Cleaning Service In Boulder CO

These are some reasons to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis!
1 – Carpets are expensive and you can make them last a lot longer by having them regularly cleaned.  Routine maintenance is essential in protecting the carpet fibers.
2 – Carpets can be plagued with dirt, dust and allergens, and it’s essential to remove these pollutants from your carpet.   This will ensure you have a healthier indoor air environment, your children do not develop any health issues, and that the dirt doesn’t mold onto the fibers which can cause wear and will make your carpets fade quicker.

3 – Carpets are stained with food and drinks and if you have animals accidents happen.  These spills and stains can be worse if you have children.  Carpets take a beating from foot traffic and these spills so help it out with regular cleanings and rugs in high foot traffic areas.


Give us a call for a free estimate and we will get your carpets back to tip top shape!