Pristine Carpet Cleaning will make your home look new again!  Having your carpets professionally cleaned 6-12 months is extremely important.  Did you know that seven pounds of dirt can accumulate in your carpets annually?  That’s a lot of dirt!  That’s also a lot of allergens that are harmful to breath in.

Depending on your family size, traffic, and pet family size you may even need to get carpets cleaned more frequently.  Pristine Carpet Care in Boulder, CO has great equipment, knowledgable technicians, and safe and effective cleaning agents. Give us a call now to get an appointment booked.
Bacteria and germs love to live in a dirt infested carpet.  The heat and the habitat is perfect.  This is why it’s important to keep those home happy and healthy.  Did you know that having your carpets cleaned helps your indoor air quality?  Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis.  It not only makes your family healthier but it adds a nice new look to your home.

Pristine Carpet Care in Boulder can help!  Give us a call !