Pristine Carpet Cleaning is a carpet cleaning company in Boulder, CO wanting people to know that carpet cleaning has more reasons for doing it that go past just cleaning the carpet. New studies have actually came out that the numbers of people who are suffering from the affects of asthma has gone up and this has happened mostly in children.

A lot of people do not realize that the primary culprits is carpet because of the dirt, allergens, and grime that reside below the surface that the naked eye can not see.

Every time you or your pets come in and out of the house you are bringing in everything you walking in and through outside. So, that dirt that you walked through you just brought pieces of that in your home. Cleaning your carpets professional is important because it gets out the deep dirt and grime that lives deep down in the carpets. These “things” that live far below your carpet actually will release into the air and put bad allergens in the air that we breathe in.

We have special machines and we can clean the carpets as well as sucking out the moisture and dirt. It’s important to get all the moisture out so that water and detergent isn’t laying on the carpet. When this happens it will create mold and mildew and will attract dirt as well. Keep those carpets cleaned ! And hopefully that will keep those kids healthy !