Pristine Carpet Care uses the best equipment and has the most knowledgable staff.  We make an attempt to excel at what we do.

Professional carpet cleaning services may offer you discounted rates, a bait and switch tactic, or they make an attempt to lure you in with other tactics but Pristine is upfront, honest, and trustworthy.


We can get your carpets back to tip top shape so they’re looking vibrant and new again.  Carpet cleaning is out speciality.  Getting your carpets professionally cleaned will make them last longer and will help protect the carpet fibers.

We’ve been cleaning and doing business in this area for a lot of years.  We have a lot of loyal customers that have always been happy with our work.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned in Boulder will make them last longer, make your indoor air quality better, and will make your home look new and vibrant again.  Call us and we can get an appointment scheduled.  Pristine Carpet Care wants your home looking the best it can.