Pet Urine and Odor Removal Gunbarrel CO

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Pets have become like family members, and in some cases children. Although there is a great love and admiration for our pet, they can be problematic. Pet urine and feces on floors are not only odorous but can damage your expensive carpeting or hardwood floors. Naturally, one would immediately run to get standard cleaning supplies; … read more »

Wood Floor Renewal Erie CO

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Sometimes there is nothing better than a beautiful wood floor. However, after years of traffic from you walking around and pets scampering around the floor, it is going to remove the finish, scratch up the wood and cause all sorts of damage to it. This not only reduced the look of the wood but it … read more »

Documentary On Dog Fighting – A Survivor Story

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This is a documentary on dog fighting. Dog fighting is a vicious ugly sport that is horrible and needs to be banned. This documentary is the story of Gorm a rottweiler puppy that works through his traumatic life and becomes an amazing sweet dog. This is a story that is sad but also gives you … read more »

Dozer the Dog Runs A Marathon to Raise Money For Cancer !

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Dozer the goldendoodle runs for a good cause. Dozer runs for a marathon. He passes his invisible fence and runs the marathon with lots of runners. The dog gets a metal because he becomes a star for this cancer group that begins getting donations because they saw this dog run in the race. It’s amazing … read more »

Carpet Cleaning Boulder CO

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Pristine Carpet Cleaning is a carpet cleaning company in Boulder, CO wanting people to know that carpet cleaning has more reasons for doing it that go past just cleaning the carpet. New studies have actually came out that the numbers of people who are suffering from the affects of asthma has gone up and this … read more »