Corgi Puppies Playing – Cute Video!

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Cute video of little corgi puppies that are around 4-5 weeks. They are adorable! It’s a cute video of them rough housing, playing with one another, playing with toys and it’s just utterly adorable! I love puppies they so great and have so much love and life to give. Dogs are great companions and I … read more »

Dog Avoids Getting Wet

Posted October 8, 2013 by & filed under Dog Videos.

Cute video of this dog that is attempting to not get wet! This dog must take yoga to be able to stretch that long and do this. Super funny though! I do not know how this dog has the strength and power to stay out of the water like this for so long. This dog … read more »

Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning Boulder CO

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In many homes these days’ people have carpets. Most people believe it’s good enough to just vacuum your carpet once and awhile and call your carpet clean. However, a carpet can absorb many small particles of dirt and other substances that will stick to your carpet and deep beneath even after a normal vacuuming. Whoever … read more »

Husky Playing In The Leaves – Cute Video

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This is a cute video of a Husky playing in the leaves. I loved how he is kind of lost in it in the beginning of this video and then suddenly he busts out and shoots out and starts running around like crazy. Huskies are so cute and full of energy and fun. This dog … read more »

Wood Floor Renewal Niwot CO

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Wood floors are a huge selling point for many homes and potential homeowners. That being said however, over time wood floors can become scuffed, dirty, gouged, and even dull as the varnish and polish wears off with daily wear. Keeping this in mind, it is often necessary for those homeowners that have wood floors to … read more »