As a parent, when you see your young children frolicking and playing on your carpet, you have to wonder if it’s clean enough and sanitary enough to not endanger their health. Then, you call up the carpet cleaner because you want to have that clean, sanitary, fresh carpet in your home, and you’re wondering if the chemicals that they’re going to use are worse than any dirt that you could of had. But as you’re searching the Internet of local carpet cleaners, you notice that there are ” green carpet cleaners” available, maybe this is just what you’re looking for. Let’s take a minute to examine what a green carpet cleaner is, and how you can find one near you.BabyOnCarpet

As I’m sure you are aware, it’s pretty easy for any company to throw the word green into their name without changing the chemicals or procedures whatsoever. So what the homeowner needs to do, is find out what it really means to be green, then find a carpet cleaner that fits that criteria regardless of their name. A green carpet cleaner is a professional carpet cleaning company that uses only environmentally friendly methods to clean your carpet, using chemicals that are safe for pets and humans as well. This also includes not polluting the environment with any chemicals after the fact.

The first step in choosing your green carpet cleaner is to make sure that all the products that they’re going to use on your carpet are certified eco friendly, it should have a Green Seal on the outside of the bottle stating so. The Green Seal is an environmental body that certifies products to be eco friendly and labels them so they can be recognized as so. You should also take a minute to read the list of ingredients on the package for a quick verification, however, unless you’re a chemist, it’s hard to know what you’re looking at.

Another part of being green is not wasting massive amounts of energy while doing the job. In other words a green carpet cleaner will have water saving equipment, not only because water is in short supply, but less power used to heat that water in a steam cleaner is also part of being green. In comparison a non-green steam cleaning machine could use up to 80 gallons of water on an average home, whereas an energy efficient, water efficient green carpet cleaner could use as little as 4 gallons on the same size home.

So there you have three important tips on how to find a quality green carpet cleaner in your area. In summary, it’s the chemicals they use, the echo friendly machines they use, and the huge amounts of water that they don’t use, that makes them a green carpet cleaning company.